Lacks Power

Over many a Christian leader's record could be stamped these words: LACKS POWER. Why do so many ministers and lay leaders have a vague restless awareness that something is lacking in their leadership?
-- Wesley Duewel, Ablaze for God, p. 78

perhaps the greatest lack in most Christian leadership and ministry is this divine bestowal, the Spirit's empowerment. . . . Perhaps the greatest, and most revolutionary change that could happen to your leadership would be for you to receive and continually experience the divine dimension. Once you receive it and experience the difference it makes, you will not want to minister without it.
-- Duewel, Ablaze, p. 79


Jerry Johnson said…
Here's the quote that hits me the hardest from Duewel's book (quote from Dwight L. Moody)
"God has got a good many children who have just barely got life, but not power for service. You might safely say, I think, without exaggeration, that nineteen out of every twenty professed Christians are of no earthly account so far as building up Christ's kingdom; but on the contrary they are standing right in the way, and the reason is because they have just got life and have settled down, and have not sought for power. The Holy Ghost coming upon them with power is distinct and separate from conversion...I believe we should accomplish more in one week than we should in years if we only had this fresh baptism."
Jerry from NC
Anonymous said…
Yes Jerry, you hit the nail on the head. Most Christians are so heavenly minded, they are of no earthly good. In fact, they are major stumbling blocks to others.
Steve Gerich said…
I think it is important to talk about power and purpose. If it's power for my sake alone I think we have become individualistic in our thinking. We narrow down the the life of faith to be about "God and me". The Spirit was given to empower for service. NT Wright said "God doesn't give people the Holy Spirit in order to let them enjoy the spiritual equivalent of Disneyland". May we be seeking power with a right motive.
Mark O. Wilson said…
The Moody quote is convicting, and a call for us to really examine our hearts.

A good point well taken. I would also add, "some Christians are so earthly minded they are no heavenly good."

Absolutely right (or maybe I could say Wright) on brother! There's far too much "me-ism" in American Christianity. Wesley said there is not holiness without social holiness.

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