A Way to Warm Up

Come to Church!


Anonymous said…
But, what if it's a cold church? God's frozen chosen?
Anonymous said…
Social isolation is the only interaction God's frozen chosen practice. But this is better than fake acceptance; being told you are loved but the actions tell you different.

Froze solid at church.
Anonymous said…
I, as well as many others, have been severly burnt by the frozen chosen.
Keetha said…
Oh dear, all of you anonymi (plural of anonymous?? J/K) are breaking my heart.

I am very thankful to report that I have always for love in every church I've attended - - - and I believe I probably found it in direct proportion to the love I doled out.
Keetha said…
that typo was supposed to be "I have always FOUND love . . ."
Anonymous said…
Keetha---Thank God you have always found love in your church. I thank God I have always found love in Him. I have been blessed to have been in a church with the frozen chosen. Their hearts are frozen so solidly that they can neither receive love doled out nor show love to others. Because of my experience I am able to have compassion for others having the same experience. Nothing hurts more than social rejection in God's House. The frozen chosen are frozen so solidly in their own little ice cube that they are totally unaffected by it.

Another anonymous
Steve U. said…
Guess what: Some great news: Love is a contagious disease. Try spreading it to everyone you meet. Love you all; Steve
Anonymous said…
Popcicle Church's

I was driving down the road one Sunday and saw Chruch after Church with only 6-7 cars in their parking lot.

Then I saw a parking lot full and thought.. That Church must be doing something right and when I got closer I saw that it was a golf cource.

A lot of people enjoy the company of a true friend to the chill of a popcicle Church.

Anonymous said…
As anyone in the Northwoods knows---when you get so cold you fall asleep---then you die. Come on people we need to start a fire for God.

Starting to melt

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