6 and 0

Took the kids last night to the Hayward Hurricanes homecoming game vs Ladysmith. We won the nailbiter, 14-7, continuing an undefeated season.
It's the first time the 'Canes have gone 6-0 since 1972. The whole town showed up to cheer.


Keetha said…
Oh how I wish I'd been there!!!! (That's where my love of all things football started, you know) AND shame on the WHOLE TOWN for not showing up all the other years when they WEREN'T 7-0!!!!!!!!!!!!

BTW - - - My DAD took me to Cane's games when I was little and I remember it to this day. Way to go, Mark!!!! Making more memories.
Anonymous said…
O H -- I O
O H -- I O

O H -- I O

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