For Young Men Only

In honor of my 47th Birthday last week, I decided to read a little volume entitled, For Young Men Only. Now, I realize that's a stretch -- but after attending the funeral visitation of a dear 104 year old woman yesterday, I realized that compared to her, "young" still applies to me!!

Actually, I was previewing the book before handing it off to my teenage sons. For Young Men Only, written by Jeff Feldhahn and Eric Rice (with Shaunti Feldhan), is a delightful guide for young guys who are trying to navigate the comlex and confusing relationship between the sexes.

Feldhan and Rice report on insights gained by interviewing young women about their perspectives and wishes concerning male/fenmale relationships. The results are surprising.

For Young Men Only tackles such issues as:
* what she is looking for in a guy
* why girls sometimes fall for "bad guys"
* how to have a meaningful converation with a girl
* why girls go from "in love" to "get lost" so fast
* what it really means to "score" (It's not what you think.)

I think I'll pay my boys five bucks to read it.


Anonymous said…
I wonder if there's a "for young women only" version?
Mark O Wilson said…
Yep -- sure is! They didn't send that one to me, however.

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