Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Missional Church

A powerful observation from my blogger friend, Bob Roberts:

I must not know what Missional Church is. I received the current Leadership Journal issue that dealt with this issue. It was all about “converts” and “church”, absent as to engagement. That isn’t to say church and converts don’t matter, it is to say we have made missional about us, and not them, about redefining church and not enlarging and engaging the Kingdom of God, a big mistake. When will we get back to disciples and society? This was what “making disciples” of “all nations” is about, raising up spiritual and loving people to touch nations with the love of God glocally! I don’t know what I am, or what we would be labeled, as a church. I just don’t think it matters. The power is in the outflow of the love of God, not in the brand or label.

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Josh said...

I commend to you Morimer Arias' book, Announcing the Reign of God, and Darrell Guder's Missional Church as good missional reading. Good observation by your friend.