Praise Gets You Airborne!

I was at O'Hare Airport in Chicago about a week ago, in a jet preparing for takeoff. As we taxied down the runway, I read these words in Knocked Down but not Out by Billy Joe Daugherty:

Praise is what gets you airborne. A lot of people are taxiing up and down the runway saying, "I'm a hopin' and a prayin'. You all pray with me." Get off the runway and get into praise: :Lord, I praise you. I thank you that you have redeemed me. You are going to make a way for me where there seems to be no way!" Suddenly, you are airborne and you are on your way!

I nudged the guy sitting next to me -- "Look at this! Look at this! Isn't that something!! We're taxiing down the runway and I'm reading this! Praise gets you airborne!"

Just as I was saying "praise gets you airborne" the jet lifted into the air.


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