Shape of Mercy

In the mornings, I only do spiritual reading. That is, I limit my reading to books that nourish and strengthen my soul, deepen my prayer life, and challenge my walk with God.

In the evenings, I read more widely. On any given day, I'm reading books on history, relationships, leadership, or fiction.
Just last night, I finished a novel, The Shape of Mercy by Susan Meissner.
I began the book only out of obligation (told someone I would read it) -- but by the end, it had drawn me in and I couldn't put it down.
An accomplished writer, Meissner masterfully weaves fiction, history, relationships, spiritual growth and self-understanding into an amazing and heart-moving tapestry.
It's the story of a privileged Literature Major, Lauren Durough, who takes a part time job transcribing the 400 year old journal of a young lady (Mercy Hayworth) who lived in Salem, MA during the witch trials.
As she works through the journal she discovers a growing affinity with Mercy, and embarks on a journey of self-discovery, facing various issues of life, love, self-absorption, judgment, and preconceptions.
It was a great read that kept me up late last night -- I had to keep on going to find out what happened next!! This morning, as I reflect on it, I realize The Shape of Mercy helped me to see a couple of blind spots in my own life. I guess it could have been morning reading after all!


Kathy Baker said…
Another author you may enjoy is Phillip Gulley. He is a Quaker minister and he writes about small town life and small town churches. You may laugh as you see similarities in his work. Read it sometime when you need some light hearted reading! I loved it!
Becky Gerich said…
Pastor Mark,
I am friends with Susan Meissner's daughter, how weird is that??? They live out in CA now, but they used to live here in MN. Her daughter went to Northwestern and my roommate's best friend from home was Susan's daughter Stephanie! Small world!
Joy Ziegler said…
It is a small world...and Mark, how far is Meissner from John Wesley? he he he!
Corawhite said…

Have you read the shack yet?

I strongly recommend it and I am barely into it.

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