Soul Stirring

Was deeply moved this past week by two powerful little books --
How to Pray by R. A. Torrey
The Revival We Need by Oswald Smith

They reveal the leanness in my own soul -- and kindle a strong desire to pray deeper and love God more fully.

Our people have been praying around the clock, now, for three weeks. Yesterday morning, we saw fruit for the labor. At the end of the services, several came forward to pray concerning spiritual needs. There was a glorious outpouring of the Lord's presence, as we sought Him together. Significant victories were gained! Transformation! Praise the Lord!

Last Wednesday night, I saw the fulfillment of Joel 2 -- "our songs and your daughters shall prophesy." Two young ladies from our congregation, Saskia and Meghan, organized a prayer event at the high school football field.

The bleachers were full of young people singing praises to the Lord. Then, a half dozen or so young people stood before the crowd and shared testimonies of God's redeeming grace. Finally, they invited to students to come and pray. The young people poured out onto the football field, and gathered in small circles to pray for one another. It was moving! Poweful!!

I know of at least one young man who came to the meeting an unbeliever and left as a follower of Christ!

Thursday night, we held our board meeting. Instead of doing "business as usual", we commited the time to prayer. The church board prayed for nearly two hours. There was a beautiful sweetness of the Lord's presence in the room. We were all blessed to overflowing!

Then, we made a few decisions in fifteen minutes. Usually, we pray for two minutes and then hash over the decsions for two hours.

Same amount of time spent -- and we left with a joyful blessing rather than a headache!


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