A Special Birthday Gift

My son, Ryan, found some poor, old abandoned hymnals looking for a home, and brought them to me for my birthday!

Early this morning, during my devotions, I looked them over.

One of them was a songbook used in Gipsy Smith's revival meetings. (Smith was one of the greatest evangelists at the turn of the 20th century.)

When I opened the Smith songbook, and found this birthday greeting:

A Year of Precious Blessing
by Fanny J. Crosby
A year of precious blessing and glorious vict'ries won
Of earnest work progressing , it's onward course has run;
To Thee, O God, our Refuge, whose goodness crowns our days
Within Thy eathly temple. we lift our souls in praise.
In a second hymnal, Songs for Service, I found another birthday message:
Better Every Day
By Alice Horton
When the shadows dark and drear
Tempt my sould to doubt and fear
I will look to Jesus, for He knows the way.
He has kept me through the years
Wiped away my bitter tears.
I love my Savior better every day.
O how sweet the joy He gives
For within my heart He lives!
All my heavy burden at His feet I lay.
All the blessed way along,
He has filled my heart with song,
And I love my Savior better every day.


naomi said…
Happy birthday!
Steve U said…
HAppy Birthday Mark. Mine is Sunday. Thanks for the early present> Steve U.

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