The Temptation to Quit

Everyone feels like quitting from time to time. . . for pastors, it's usually on Monday morning.

Here's an insightful post on the subject of quitting from The Internet Monk. (found it via Mayberry Church)

Good food for thought.


Anonymous said…

"Everyone feels like quitting from time to time...for pastors, it's usually on Monday morning."

I assume pastors feel like quitting on Monday mornings because Sunday did not go well. Most people, especially pastors, feel they have to have a platform preferably in front of a large number of people to be a minister. God has given each and every Christian a very special ministry. (And how many of us pray to be removed from where God has placed us to be a blessing to others.) And more often than not, it has nothing to do with public speaking. I appreciate a good pastor for her life of ministering off the platform.
Steve U. said…
For me it is usually Sunday morning before church, after a rough week of ministry to folks and feeling their pain. Then Sunday mornings the Lord shows up and we all come together to worship Him and love on each other. By Monday I'm pumped: until next Sunday morning at 6AM. Steve

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