Sunday, November 23, 2008

3 Big Words

Observations from Bob Roberts concerning shifts in thinking about church leadership:

In the 1990's, the three big words were:
1. Excellence
2. Relevance
3. Anonymity

In early 2000, the three big words were:
1. Belonging
2. Real
3. Community

But as 2010 approaches, the three big words are:
1. Spiritual
2. Global
3. Activism

Now, I really do appreciate Bob's obervations, and he correctly shows us that the times are changing. I would, however, like to propose three words that are bigger than ALL the above -- and at the core of ministry relevance:
1. Pray
2. Obey
3. Love


  1. I am with you Mark. You can't go past those three words. They are timeless and there is no need to change them.

  2. Although I believe my three words are foundational -- we need to pay attention to what Roberts is saying if we are to engage today's culture.