7 Vital Attitudes for Effective Ministry

My good friend, Gary Exman, has a fantastic ministry encouraging and blessing those who serve in small towns and rural communities. I found the following post on his blog, and am passing it along to you. I also encourage you to pay him a visit at Come and See:

A rural or small town church is usually very positive. A rural pastor is usually positive too. However sometimes negative ideas and feelings can take control. Let me suggest 7 vital attitudes a small town or rural church and its pastor need to have in order to keep its ministry going and growing.

1. Never talk behind one another's back.
2. Always pray daily for the pastor and for one another.
3. If you have a difference with another member pray about that difference and go to that person with an open heart to him or her.
4. Tell the devil to get out of the church in the name of Jesus every day.
5. Keep the written word as your guide to faith and polity.
6. Listen to other's ideas about order of worship and music and try out some of their ideas.
7. Always respect your pastor and his or her ministry.


Anonymous said…
I saw my church torn apart because its members refused have these vital attitudes, especially numbers 1 and 3.

The gossip mill really hurt this church.

Members talked to others rather than go to the person they had a problem with.

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