Late last night, I received a phone call, telling me that the authorities had just entered my friend, Dean's house, and found him lying dead on the floor.

I went immediately, and tried to help the officers, as well as Dean's daughter, who was sitting in a vehicle outside.

She had called her father several times, leaving messages -- but there was no response. Finally, in desperation, she contacted the law, and that's how they discovered he had passed away.

It appears he died sometime on Saturday.

My heart is sad. I'm thankful, however, that I followed the prompting a few days ago, and went to his home for a visit.


Pastor Al said…
God bless you Pastor Mark,

Dean's daughter needed a pastor's comfort and praise God you were there. You're presence is what counted. Words get in the way.

Can also appreciate your personal reflection. Pastors ask...did I do everything I could...when I could?


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