Wednesday, November 19, 2008


Yesterday morning, I was called to the bedside of my friend, Fred, who is dying of cancer. I was deeply honored that he had invited me to come and enter this part of his life with him.

I wasn't sure where Fred stood spiritually, and prayed all the way to his house that a door would open, and that I would be sensitive to the Holy Spirit's promptings. I didn't want to be pushy -- but I knew Fred needed assurance and peace.

The Lord arranged everything beautifully. We were able to talk deep. I shared several verses of Scripture, sang a few hymns, and prayed. God was present. The whole room was filled with love.

At the end of our conversation, Fred shared a clear testimony of his faith -- that he is trusting in the Lord completely.

I don't know how many days my friend has left upon this earth -- but I do know the peace of God will sustain him.

This Sunday, we're going to light the faith candle for Fred.

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