Finally home -- after a full week away teaching Evangelism in South Carolina and speaking to a group of pastors in Oregon. I was privileged to have dinner last night with our General Superintendent, Jo Anne Lyon along with Karl and Sharon Westfall. Karl is the DS for the Northwest District, and Sharon's daddy is one of my heroes -- Orval Butcher.

We dined at a lovely restaurant with a panoramic view overlooking the city. Beautiful!

JoAnne and I found several amazing connections -- including a mutual apostolic succession!

Awoke at 4:15 this morning, to catch an early flight back to Minneapolis. Arriving at the airport, I scuttled over to Gate C18, and served as the "Welcoming Committee" for Dr. Wesley Duewel.

Dr. Duewel, author of Ablaze for God and several other books, will be our special guest speaker at church tomorrow.

We had a delightful visit all the way back to Hayward.

I discovered that Dr. Duewel was personal friends with the great missionary E. Stanley Jones. He knew the Oswald Chambers family (My Utmost for His Highest), He knew the evangelist Duncan Campbell (Revival of the Hebrides) He met some of the first converts of the 1904 Welsh Revival, and knew the great preacher Paul Rees. He also told me that he had the opportunity to see Mahatma Gandhi up close.

Dr. Duewel is an amazing man. 92 years young and still going strong!!

One more thing -- the best part of my trip this week was coming home and being with my family!


Anonymous said…
There's No Place Like Home!

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