John Metz

Just received word that my dear friend, John Metz passed away this evening. My heart is sad right now.

John was a tremendous mentor to me in the art of leadership. Until moving away to be closer to his family, he was a pillar of the Hayward Wesleyan Church. (I fondly referred to John as our "quality control department.")

Here's what I wrote about him a while back.

John will be deeply missed. Please pray for his wife, Phyllis and their children.


Rob McD said…
Hey Mark,

I did not get a chance to know John as long as you did but I echo all that you said about him. John was a good man that had a lot to offer.

Rob McDowell
Anonymous said…
Sorry to hear about John Metz. Our prayers are with his family.

He can still have an influence on your church. Stop and think what your "quality control department" would do before you make any hasty decisions. We all need some level head thinking in today's world.
Steve Gerich said…
John-thanks for letting me take my daughter fishing off your dock every Memorial Day. And for the great laugh we all have practicing for the children's Christmas program. The sheep are all fine. (inside joke)
Linda Gerich said…
I would like to add a comment to my husband Steve's comment about our memories of John. I will always remember the time Steve & I, along with our daughter, were swinging on their swing. One of us said, "will this swing hold all 3 of us"? "Sure it will", John said. In the next moment, the log broke and we all went crashing to the ground. So much for quality control! We will definately miss John.

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