A Special Experience

Yesterday morning, I dropped Dr. Duewel off at the airport for his return trip to Indiana.

We drove to Minneapolis the aftermoon before, so we could break up his trip, and have some special time together.

I was wondering how we were going to pass the time in the evening. I was fairly certain Dr. Duewel wouldn't be too interested in watching Monday Night Football or some crime drama.

It was about 7:00 p.m. -- three hours until bedtime. Do you know how we spent it?

We prayed and sang hymns together.

He went through his normal prayer routine, and I was invited to hover at the edges where the glory spilled over. It was an experience I will remember for the rest of my life.

As he prayed through his daily prayer list, he would often stop and ask me about the person he was praying for. . .

Do you know Leith Anderson? He has such responsibility! I've only met him a couple of times, but I pray for him every day!

Do you know John Maxwell? A few years ago, the Lord laid a heavy burden on my heart to pray for him every day.

I had been in a meeting with our new General Superintendent, Jo Anne Lyon, last week, and she told me that years ago, she and Dr. Duewel had crossed paths. "I think he might remember me," she said.

So, I asked Dr. Duewel, "Do you remember Jo Anne Lyon?"

"Do I remember her?? Of course I remember her! I remember her every day in prayer! I also remember the other two Wesleyan Generals, Tom Armiger and Jerry Pence. I don't recall if I've met Dr. Armiger and Dr. Pence, but I pray that God will bless and lead them daily."

This is amazing, because Dr. Duewel is a member of the Free Methodist Church. He's 92 and prays for our Wesleyan leaders by name every day. I'm 47 amd couldn't name a leader of the Free Methodist Church if you put a gun to my head!!

At the end of our prayer session, I knelt before him. He laid his hands on me and prayed a special blessing of anointing and empowering over me, my family and my ministry. It was a beautiful moment that I will cherish forever.

As we drove in rush hour traffic towards the airport yesterday morning, we sang "Victory in Jesus."



Joy Ziegler said…
What an amazing blessing and privilege! Wish I could have been there for your Ablaze for God series and to hear him speak. I long to be a woman of prayer like that. I have to remember...it's little by litle increasing my time daily. Thanks for sharing your church with us here. I have been blessed.
Keith Drury said…
great story and a great message to us all! Thanks Mark

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