I participated in telephone conference call yesterday afternoon. One of the members (nobody knew who) of the group had a cell phone that was acting up -- squealing, feedback -- a bunch of static.

The noise was so distracting, that we were unable to finish our business, and had to reschedule our phone conference to a time when everybody will be on land lines.

The lesson I learned from this experience: One person making a lot of static can mess things up and keep a group from accomplishing what they need to do.


Keith Drury said…
"The water level in a barrel leaks out to the lowest hole"

"A quartet can only sing on key as well as its flatest member"

"A chain is only as strong as its weakest link"

Anonymous said…
"Everything happens for a reason"

Maybe more prayer was needed before the meeting. Perhaps more preparation and thought was needed before the meeting.

"Haste Makes Waste"
Anonymous said…
At first I thought it was static, but if you listen hard you could hear the ... --- ... SOS comming in between the static.

Sometimes when a person gives out static it is because he needs to be heard.

He may be warning the others of an impending storm...
Anonymous said…
I used to find static annoying in all avenues of my life, until I realized it was often God slowing me down so that HIS will and not man's will would be done.

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