Table Rock South Carolina

I am at Table Rock, South Carolina, teaching a course on Evangelism to a wonderful group of 24 eager students. They are insightful and engaging. It's fun to teach a group so ready to learn and grow.


Stevan said…
Pastor Mark!
Make time to climb to the top of Table Rock! It's an experience you won't soon forget! I did a lot of growing up on those campgrounds!
Anonymous said…
Enjoy all the bright young minds so willing to learn. One of the most important lessons you can try to teach them is the following:
You can be a terrific orator, wonderful preacher, who delivers the most inspiring message, but you must be careful not to wipe-out the message with one deed or snide remark. For example, a pastor could deliver a message on loving everyone, and then he stands by the door and refuses to shake hand with certain members of the congregation. Or a minister could preach a message on respect for others and wipe-out everything he said by ending with one snide remark towards someone he disagrees with.

Much older preacher who has learned this lesson the hard way.

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