Five Amigos

I was impressed by something that happened a few weeks ago, when I was teaching a FLAME Course in South Carolina. These classes are to fulfill ordination requirements for people pursuing the ministry.

Al Thompson, one of my students was a repeat -- He didn't need the class -- He'd already taken it (didn't flunk either, but passed with an A) -- and, in fact, is already ordained.

Yet, he came back for another round of FLAME and guess what he did? He brought four other guys (Larry, Dale, Ken, and Joshua) from his church in North Carolina along with him!

Isn't that cool?? Kudos to the Five Amigos for diving deeper and seeking ministerial training that will truly benefit you and your church!! What a great experience for you to share together! Way to go Pastor Al. You're an outstanding leader, and obviously loved by the people of your congregation.


Jerry Johnson said…
Al is a wonderful example for all Pastors. Everytime I've seen him at Table Rock, he brings at least 2 lay members with him. It is so great that Al not only wants to stay "fresh" in ministry, but to encourage other members to participate in the joy of learning from great professors. Way to go Al!

Jerry from NC
Wayne Richards said…
Great post Mark. I agree. Al is an example for many others. Let's see who follows his example and starts bringing others to FLAME!
Pastor Al said…
Six of us were scheduled for the November FLAME. The Sixth Amigo was and is the silent superstar for Christ. Brother Al Johnson has a chronic medical problem and wisely avoided making this trip.

Al is our vice-chair, brother in Christ, and a dear friend. We have journeyed to most FLAME events together. I pray that we have a repeat in January and that both Al's will be there.

Thanks for the kind post. I also pray that we impliment what we have already learned... particularly from Mark's class.

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