Let the Game Come to You

Steve Furtick, of Elevation Church, shared a great insight on his blog recently:
One of my mentors was trying to teach me recently about something he learned playing basketball in college:Let the game come to you.
Sometimes we get so determined to make something happen in our lives and ministries that we take dumb shots. We blow our assignments.We mistake frantic activity for fruitful accomplishment.
If we truly believe that God is sovereign, we don’t need to MAKE anything happen. God makes things happen. It’s not that we become passive…blaming our inaction on God’s timing…or saying we’re being patient when we’re actually being timid.
Instead, think of it as responding to God’s initiative rather than trying to get Him to respond to yours.


larry said…
but sometimes, it is better to make things happen that to sit around waiting for something to happen
Brian said…
Christ said to Go. I'm afraid too many of us have adopted the "build-it-and-they-will-come" attitude. We are “attractional” rather than “missional” which makes us too busy “reaching out” rather than “going out”.
Here's a article that explains this well. Check it out.


Thanks for the post. Peace.
Anonymous said…
As long as you are making something happen for God and not making something happen for Larry. But I admire someone who has ambition and does not just sit around waiting for a miracle to rain on him from Heaven. God helps those who help themselves.
Anonymous said…
The "build-it-and-they-will-come" attitude is a downfall of many churches today. Talk about financial crisis. I was glad to see you mention this Brian.
Pastor Al said…
Pastor Mark,

I sense this with Jesus' ministry, as described in the Gospel of John. Jesus moved according to His Father's timetable...there seemed to be a divine pace. Prayer seemed to put everything in sync. Jesus was teaching us HOW to do ministry.

Your on my favorites. I pray that all my folks follow your blog brother!

Merry Christmas!
Pastor Al said…
Pastor Mark,

Check out my beautiful bride on my last post! I know that you are a family man.

Anonymous said…
We need to differentiate between being a missional church and an attractional church. Churches today have the same problem young people have with peer pressure.
Anonymous said…
Hi Mark, I'm seeking a breakthrough in a significant ministry opportunity so I needed to read this today thanks for sharing it.

Grace and Peace.

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