Living Rich for Less

How would you like to have more money available to you -- even if your income doesn't increase?
Ellie Kay has written a fabulous book, Living Rich for Less, which gives practical, common-sense, advice for handling your finances. (Order here)
In a humorous and easy to read style, Ellie maps out how to get the most BANG for your buck. She follows the 10-10-80 Principle:

Give the First 10% -- The Sweetest Dollar You'll Ever Make
Save the Next 10% -- The Safest Dollar You'll Ever Make
Spend Smart on the Remaining 80% -- The Smartest Dollar You'll Ever Make
Reminds me of John Wesley's adage:
Earn All You Can
Save All You Can
Give All You Can
It's particularly refreshing, during the current economic downturn, to discover creative ways to cut spending, save wisely and give generously.
I'd like to provide a copy for all the members of our church.


Anonymous said…
Wow, sounds like a much needed book for times like this
Anonymous said…
Would one of you lend me the money to buy this book?

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