Missional Christmas

The Christmas Season is winding down and it's been a beautiful experience. I love Christmas. I love seeing our people go the extra mile in helping and blessing others.

For instance, together, through our Giving Tree, we provided Christmas gifts to 175 children. When many of us did a little bit, it ended up making a big difference!

On Christmas Day, over 200 people came to the church for Christmas Dinner. My heart was warmed as I sat with my family, and looked over the Fellowship Hall at the happy faces. Many of these folks would have spent Christmas alone. Afterwards, I spoke with Mike, the head cook, who, with misty eyes, told me how much this experience blessed him. Several families of the church served together joyfully. I'm so happy to see the young children of the congregation learning this valuable lesson: It is more blessed to give than to receive.

The SHARE program, which provides a marvelous deal on food packages, is centered at our church. I was overwhelmed by the buzz of happy activity, as Mary Ann and the gang, prepared boxes of groceries for the waiting "customers."

Several of our church people were involved in Toys for Tots, as well as community food drives.

Some of our small groups went Christmas Caroling to the shut-ins. They came back reporting what a meaningful experience it was. Hannah and I conducted Chapel Services at the Nursing Home two days before Christmas. I noticed one dear lady, who cannot carry on a conversation, sang every word of the familiar Christmas songs. It brought back the joy of childhood.

Entering the store a couple of weeks ago, I was met by a group from our church, singing carols at the Salvation Army Bucket. They shook me down!

On the 23rd, a kind man brought a gift to the office to "help a family going through a hard time." I was delighted to play "Santa" and deliver the gift to a family who truly needed and appreciated the help.

Now, for a Missional New Year!!


Anonymous said…
You made my heart warm and brought tears to my eyes with the stories of GIVING. And thank you for not being afraid to use the term 'Santa'. This world would be a sad, sad place without all the Santas doing their good deeds all year long, but especially at Christmastime.

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