The Way Many American Young People View Evangelicals

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Anonymous said…
Maybe we ought to be asking ourselves WHY???
A Wesleyan Evangelical
Anonymous said…
I believe the liberal media is one of the main reasons WHY. Christianity in general is being threatened in new ways on our own U.S. soil. If one were to listen to the mainstream media, you'd think that Evangelicals were growing two heads or something. Their viewpoint is different than most of ours, and rather than learning about our views, they'd rather slam them as ignorant, selfish and backwards. Many young people don't get a fair chance at learning what true Christianity is because so many are mis-informed. That group is more vocal than Christian groups, and there is too much political correctness circumventing any chances of Christianity having a louder voice.
- Another Wesleyan Evangelical
Anonymous said…
2nd anonymous description of liberals is how many see Christians. If you only listen to far right media, you have the same narrow view of liberals. I personally do not like unconstructive name-calling/finger-pointing from either side.
3rd anonymous
Anonymous said…
Thank you, 3rd anonymous, for clarifying my point. Though I read, listen and view multiple media sources from both liberal and conservative streams, name-calling/finger-pointing was not my intention. Though, I am finding as I get older that simply having a "viewpoint" different than another's often gets labled as such.

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