The Rick Warren Flap

Listening to the news, one would think that Obama picked Fred Phelps to say the Inauguration Prayer. The virulent backlash is unwarranted. President-elect Obama is right to hold his ground on this one.

The irony is that if you look at the wide spectrum between conservative fundamentalism and left-wing liberalism, Rick is in the middle between them. He's a moderate, for heaven's sake!

Some are calling him a gay-hating bigot.
At the same time, fundamentalist watchdog groups are calling him a wolf in sheep's clothing.

John Leo has made some insightful observations at Huffington Post.

The problem with being a bridge is that you get stepped on from both sides!


naomi said…
John Leo's phrase, "organized tantrum," pretty much sums it up. I can just see our heavenly Father watching.

Also your comment about the bridge is excellent. And consider this--if you refuse to use the bridge, is there an easier way to get where you want to go? Probably not.
Anonymous said…
Again, most are shouting, a few are whispering. But...who is listening. AND I am talking about both ends of the bridge.

If they advance to to the middle of the bridge, I would like to see the bridge collapse and all be dumped into the icy water below to cool-off.
Anonymous said…

Would you have accepted this invitation is asked?
mark o wilson said…
Well, I didn't get asked,so I don't have to worry about it.

If I were asked, I'd pray about it and do what I felt God was directing me to do at that time.
Anonymous said…
I bet YOU would have been asked if Hillary had been elected. HEE HEE HA HA

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