So Who Is Admin?

My friend, Paul, e-mailed me with this question:

Hello Pastor. I've got a bit of a toughie that I can't seem yet to explain. I'm preparing a Bible Study for Sunday School called the "Unfit Misfits" where I review the genealogies of Christ in Matthew and Luke. I've run across a name I can't find in any of my resources - Admin He's listed in Luke 3:33 as the son of Arni, aka Ram. do you know anything about him? Matthew omits this name, going directly from Ram to Amminidab.

Can anybody help Paul out? He needs an answer before Sunday.


Josh said…
Good question. I like these kinds of questions. I did a cursory search on the web and it appears that it is a textual variant which differs translation to translation - KJV and NIV have footnotes whereas NRSV has included Admin in the genealogy. I looked at Bible scholar Bruce Metzger's Textual Commentary on the Greek NT, and the UBS graded Luke 3:33 with a "C" which means that that team has included the variant but has some doubts about it's inclusion in the earliest texts. A grade of "B" would have made it more likely. But as it stands these brilliant folks have doubts about it's originality.

Here's the technical footnote from Metzger - "Luke's entire genealogy of Jesus falls into an artistically planned pattern, even more elaborate than Matthew's; thus from Adam to Abraham, 3x7 generations; from Isaac to David, 2x7 generations; from Nathan to Salathiel, 3x7 generations; from Zerubbabel to Jesus, 3x7 generations, making a total of 11x7generations from Adam to Jesus" - complete perfection over and against who? The Roman Emperor. I personally believe this geneaology is included to let Luke's readers know that there is only one perfect King - and that's Jesus - the Son of God, not the Emperor.

Blessings on your Bible study. Sounds like fun.


PS - while variants sometimes complicate things...they force us to dig a little deeper and ask tougher questions.
Keetha said…
That's easy!!! He was Arni, aka Ram's BLOG ADMIN-istrator.

Oh - - - I jest, and that probably won't help you with your Bible study in the least.

Sorry, sometimes my sense of humor just runs away with me.
Larry said…
Actually Admin is a variant of the name, Minda. Minda starred in a tv series, Mork and Minda
Anonymous said…
The Gospels of Matthew and Luke give different accounts of Jesus' genealogy.[7] Both trace his ancestors back to Abraham through King David but via different sons of King David: King Solomon and Nathan, respectively. Thus, the lines differ between David and Jesus's father Joseph. Since antiquity, scholars have disagreed about the significance of the two genealogies.
Taken from Wikipedia...
Keetha said…
Hehehehe Larry - - - I like the way you think, but wasn't that Mork and Mindy??? Still works either way.
Anonymous said…
I appreciate everyone's input. Love the Minda comment as well as the Admin...



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