Sunday Afternoon

It was almost 20 below zero this morning, but church attendance was up this morning. These northwoods folk are a hardy lot.

We enjoyed doing a rendition of "By the Rivers of Babylon" I preached on Exile from Habakkuk.

A terrible cold made me feel puny. It took all my my energy to get through the morning.

In the afternoon, we ordered Chinese food, and watched the Packers lose again.


Keetha said…
You could have watched the Colts win - - - - - FINALLY they appear to be back on track.
Dale Argot said…
Twenty degrees below zero. Ouch, that's cold for this time of year. As I write it is chilly 28 degrees, which is cold for Martinsville. It's suppose to go down to 19. These are late January temperatures for Martinsville. I typically decorate outside when it's 50 to 60 degress. Doesn't look like that will happen this year. It makes me very thankful that we didn't have your temperatures last night for our Christmas parade. It was bad enough at 30 degrees! Stay warm my friend. Sorry about the Packers.
Josh said…
"By the Rivers of Babylon" is somehow strangely appropriate when your home state team loses - makes you just want to weep. ;)
Keith Drury said…
The colder it is up there the hardier the people get!
Charlene Drabek said…
Pastor Mark,
I'm sorry to hear you weren't feeling well on Sunday. Just so you know, we never would have guessed that! Amanda leaned over to me and said "This is the best sermon ever!"

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