Tag, You're It

The flu bug declared war on our house during the last few days -- five of the six Wilson soldiers fell. Only one strong warrior remained unscathed - Cathy.

One of my kids came into the room where I was resting and said, "Tag, you're it!"

The UPS man arrived late morning with three wonderful books from Amazon. I tore the box open and dug right in to Craig Groeschel's IT: How Churches and Leaders can Get It and Keep It.
Awesome book! I couldn't put it down! Page after page, I kept saying, "Yes! Yes! Yes!"
The bottom line is having a true heart full of love for God and others. It's a great follow-up to Ablaze for God -- and written for today.
I want all my leaders to have IT!
By the way, Life Church, where Groeschel pastors, is one of the most innovative churches in the country. They have made many of their creative resources available to other church leaders for FREE! Good stuff Available Here.


MarlowMC said…
Dear Mark

This book is well worth the read! We took a number of our church leadership to a video cast of the Willow Creek Leadership Summit and Craig Groeschl was speaking. Afterwards, one of our folk rather timidly asked each of us "do you think we've got it?" - and everyone agreed "No, not yet!"

It's really sparked us into a healthy conversation about being more outreach oriented as a church!

Yours in Christ


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