Top Five Sins

Keith Drury reports on America's Top Five Sins -- then lists 6 through 12 as well

I recall once, a red faced guy came to me after church and told me I needed to preach more against sin. So, the next week, I preached against the "whitewashed sins" in the church, such as gossip, greed, sloth, self-centeredness and materialism.

He came up to me after the sermon and said, "I didn't mean THOSE sins!!"


Anonymous said…
The red faced guy only wanted to hear a sermon on others' sins. It would be funny, if it were not so tragic, that leaders in a church change what is considered 'sinful' according to their lifestyle at any given time.

Thank God He doesn't do this to me!
Anonymous said…
SIN-Being a stumbling block to others!

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