Top Ten Books of 2008

I finished quite a few books in 2008, and started many more. At any given time, I'll probably have 15-20 books going at the same time. Maybe that's a symptom of ADD!

Anyhow, here are my ten favorite reads of 2008:

1) Ablaze for God (Wesley Duewel)
2) It (Craig Groeschl)
3) Wild Goose Chase (Mark Batterson)
4) The Ultimate Blessing (Jo Anne Lyon)
5) Return of the Prodigal (Henri Nouwen)
6) Lumberjack Sky Pilot (Frank Reed)
7) The Way Forward (Matthew Leroy and Jeremy Summers)
8) On the Side of the Angels (D'Souza and Rogers)
9) God Size Your Church (John Jackson)
10) Wilderness Visionaries (Jim Dale Vickery)

Honorable Mentions:
The Almost True Story of Ryan Fisher (Rob Stennett)
My Beautiful Idol (Peter Gall)
The Pastor and Prayer (R. A. Torrey)
The Revival We Need (Oswald Smith)
Touch One (Chris Schimel)
Crossing Over (Paul Scanlon)
White Robes and Spiritual Feasts (G. D. Watson)
Helps to Holiness (Samuel Brengle)

For Fun:
Agatha Christie
John Grisham


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