Vicarious Bon Appetit

A while back, a publisher sent me a free copy of Sandra Byrd's Bon Appetit.
I was supposed to read it and post a review here on my blog, but didn't get around to reading it.
Instead, it pawned it off on my wife, Cathy -- so this is vicarious book review.
Cathy says that Bon Appetit is a delightful read for people who treasure the following:
It's the delightful tale of a young American girl, Lexi, who travels to France and goes to school to learn to become a pastry chef. Her faith helps her to face many challenges and complex relationships.
Through this journey Lexi learns much about herself, her faith, and the value of friendship. Cathy says there are several recipes in the book worth trying.
This is the first fiction-cookbook I've ever encountered -- but I think I'll just take Cathy's word for it.


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