Why Churches that Want to Change, Don't

Because They Don't Have a Sense of Urgency.

(Great article by my friend, Alan Nelson, reflecting on Kotter's new book, A Sense of Urgency)


Anonymous said…
This guy is worth reading----

"Ever since my work on “How To Change Your Church,” I’ve been perplexed at how many pastors and lay leaders say they want to change, sometimes even hiring consultants, yet how few really ever get around to implementing the changes. Like so many teenagers on the last night of camp, we make tearful confessions that seem to evaporate with the light of day. They give lip service to improvement but for the most part, they’re preoccupied with tending business as usual. I got fired by a church one time that swore it was ready for something new, but when they saw it, they found it too hard to swallow."
Anonymous said…
Churches do not change because

The Church of Smith would no longer be.

The Church of Jones would no longer be.

The Church of _____________ would no longer be.

Churches do not change because those in control would no longer be in control.

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