At Minus 33

At minus 33 . . .

  • my old faithful 1995 Yukon won't start.
  • nostrils stick together when you breathe in
  • school is cancelled, and children rejoice
  • we're looking forward to a heat wave of zero
  • if you toss boiling water in the air, it immediately turns into a cloud of ice crystals (see yesterday's posts about that)
  • if you blow bubbles, they freeze up and roll around on the ground
  • people still show up at the coffee shop

As I took our dog, Vin, out this morning to do his business, I spoke the same words to him that Jesus said to Judas: "What you are about to do, DO QUICKLY!"


Keetha said…
Your breath freezes to your hair at the side of your face

Your eyes water and the tears promptly freeze

Your skin gets frost bite with only a few moments exposure

And Hot chocolate look and tastes and feels REALLY good!!!
Anonymous said…
Good advice for preachers--
"What you are about to do, DO QUICKLY!"
The Hollands said…
Love have prompted my kids to run outside and try the bubbles. It's much to warm here to do the boiling water thing..after all I believe we've made it up to zero!! :)
ruralchurch said…
We thought we were cold at 4 this morning.
Anonymous said…
What do you expect in Wisconsin?

It was 22 degrees below zero in Ohio.

I worked in 40 degrees below zero everyday for years.

Dave Q said…
My kids love the idea of the bubbles freezing. At the moment they just pop here at 101f!
Steve said…
I lived in the UP for a year and that was enough for me. I moved to the Florida Keys and I have been here since 1979. We are having a cold front as well. It was 67 today. Sorry! I noticed a lot of people from Michigan and Wisconsin at our church the last couple of weekends. Perhaps you should "go and do likewise". Blessings!

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