Again -- and it seems like the 20th time this winter, the mercury has dipped to over 20 below zero. (That's farenheit, for my international readers -- and that's COLD!!)

Just last week, I was trying to describe to an African pastor friend how the people here in the northwoods drive on the lakes, and drill holes in the ice to go fishing. He just couldn't comprehend it! (Of course, there are things HE experiences that I can't comprehend either.)

Next week, the Lord willing, our family will be celebrating Cathy's parents' 50th Anniversary in much warmer climes!

In the meantime, I'll just praise the Lord for gloves, hats, furnaces, hot chocolate, steaming coffee, and Old Faithful -- my 95 Yukon that, with one exception, has started every morning this entire winter.

Scott McKnight's perspective on Wisconsin winters made me smile.

Every day, since January 1, as I awake and get ready to face the day I've been repeating Psalm 188:24:
This is the day the Lord has made. I will REJOICE and be GLAD in it!

That puts everything in perspective.


Anonymous said…
That's right! Just put things into perspective. The number on the thermometer is just a number, just like our ages. Wow! Just look outside right now; the sun is so bright, and the sky is so blue! It's a beautiful morning, and God is on His throne! Praise God from Whom all blessings flow! Amen and amen!
Sue B
Keetha said…
We are having a "Wisconsin-esque" winter here in central Indiana with plenty of snow and some subzero temperatures. I am LOVING it!!!! Takes me back to my northwoods roots. I MISS winter when all we get is rain and mud.

John in Georgia said…
I think one would have to be balmy to live in a place like that!
Rebcca Argot said…
Can you send the winter weather to SWU?
Keetha said…
Oh John in Georgia - - - you just don't understand how WONDERFUL winter can be!!!!

I personally LOVE it and MUCH prefer to live in a place that has four complete seasons instead of two. And I do know of what I speak - - - having lived in WI, IN, NC, AND SC.
WPK said…
Remember Science class?
Absolute Zero is -460 degrees F!
Now -20 doesn't sound so bad!

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