A Batch of Great Blogs on One Page

From Church Relevance:

In 2008, Guy Kawasaki created a website called Alltop that aggregates the latest content from the world’s top websites and organizes them by topic.
It is a good idea turned great idea. In fact,
Alltop’s church page has grown into a phenomenal resource that lists about 100 church related blogs worth reading.
Since Alltop lists the 5 most recent posts for each website,
the church page gives you about 500 posts from a wide scope of church leaders, influencers, and practitioners.

Revitalize Your Church has been included on the Alltop Church Page!


That sounds like a real honor you to be included. I will have to go find you!
Paul Wilkinson said…
Hey, welcome to the neighborhood. But don't forget to tell your readers to also check out your friends just around the block at the Christianity page of Alltop also.

~Paul Wilkinson; Thinking Out Loud blog.

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