Chips off the Butcher Block

About a week ago, I received my eagerly anticipated copy of Chips off the Butcher Block in the mail. This delightful volume, written by Derek Johnson, is a compendium of insights gleaned from his years of working side by side with Pastor Orval Butcher.

Pastor Butcher was the founding pastor of Skyline Chuch in San Diego. (Followed by John Maxwell and Jim Garlow.) He was an outstanding pastor, leading the thriving congregation to become the largest Wesleyan church in the world.

He was known for his deep love for God and people, as well as his outstanding tenor voice.

I am privileged to call Pastor Butcher my friend. He said the prayer over me at my ordination, and even popped in for a surprise visit in Wisconsin during my early years in the northwoods.

I devoured Chips off the Butcher Block in ONE sitting!! The leadership principles contained in this book are rich and timeless.

A few examples:
"Truth is like cream. . . it will rise to the top."
"Think it through. Things go better with a prepared heart and mind."
"Everything we do in church falls under one of two verbs: Come or Go."
"Keep your soul moist."

"Virtually all the people who attend Skyline are brand new believers (or trying to be believers) so they always hear just three things from me:
1) God loves you
2) Jesus died for you
3) I care about you

"I can hire people to come in as Prophecy Experts, Revival Specialitsts, Bible Scholars, and Family Issue Authorities. . . but I can never hire anyone to love my people. That's my job."

"People don't care how much you know until they know how much you care."


Keetha said…
Oh, here you go talking about my relatives again!!!

Orvil is a joy, and so was his dad AND his Uncle Isaiah (my grandpa)

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