Deep Freeze, Brain Freeze

It's 12 below zero and falling. The weather man says it will get down to 22 below today and tomorrow, with wind chills up to 50 below.

Sadly, a Hayward man, sleepwalking, perished in the bitter cold yesterday.

From USA Today:
A 51-year-old man in northern Wisconsin died from exposure after wandering from his Hayward home. Deputies followed footprints in the snow to find the man about 190 yards from his house, Sawyer County Chief Deputy Tim Zeigle said.

I think my brain froze yesterday. I went to Valley Nursing Home to conduct chapel services. There was an unusually large crowd in the day room, and they engaged wholeheartedly. Then, running a bit late, I hurried to Hayward Nursing Home for my "chapel encore."

Carrying my guitar into the home, it dawned on me -- My brain had frozen!! I was behind by a whole hour! It was 5:00 and I had been scheduled to do the chapel at 4:00 p.m.! I did the first chapel service at 4:15 -- but it was supposed to have been 3:15!!

No wonder so many people showed up in the day room!! They wanted to play Bingo!

Sheepishly, I admitted my mistake to the Hayward Nursing Home staff, who laughed it off and told me to go home. They'd already done chapel without me and were setting the tables for dinner. "Next time," they said, "double check your clock!"


Jerry Johnson said…
Goodness. I can't imagine that.

Tomorrow night in NC, it is supposed to get to 10 degrees. That's terribly cold to us! I about froze solid this morning when it was 29 degrees!

Stay warm!

Dave Q said…
Wow Mark. That is so opposite to us here on the West Coast of Australia. We have been between 100-112 in the last month!

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