On Friday night, we're showing the movie, Fireproof, at our church. The movie is just finishing up its theater run -- but not out yet to the public on dvd. (I believe it releases the end of January)

So -- we have a golden opportunity to bless the people of our community! The film has not been shown within an hour's drive of Hayward. I'm fairly certain a lot of people are going to take advantage of our "free date night" (complete with popcorn, soda pop, and child care.)

This is a powerful movie about marriage and faith. A guaranteed "marriage building" experience for the couples who see it.


Cora White said…
We saw it during our pastor and spouses retreat during the fall. Truly a great movie. I think every couple should see it.
In fact taking the dare could work for most couples as well. Marriage takes work. Relationships of all kinds do! And sadly christian couples get so caught in kingdom work they neglect this vital relationship.
Keetha said…
What a great idea - - - a free date night with babysitting, food AND entertainment.

Love it.

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