Put the Preachers in Jail

Allen Perdue has an outstanding blog, Life and Ministry in ADHD (I can relate to that!!)

Recently, he made this astute comment which really made me think:

I've heard multiple people say: "the best thing that could happen to the Church in America is to put all the paid clergy in jail."Well, as harsh as it sounds, I actually think they're right.

You can read the rest of Allen's Jail Time For Preachers Post here.
It's definitely worth pondering -- but I'd rather be "just visiting."


Anonymous said…
AMEN TO A SMALL PORTION OF "Put the Preachers in Jail"...especially the following... "but with our dying breath preserve the institution and cronies..."celebrate and reward all who succeed by our definitions of success, not Christ’s."
"I think it’s time for a revolution here in America. I want it to start at the top, but sadly enough it isn’t and won't. Even in my small microcosm of Christendom (The Wesleyan Church) we struggle in this area. We'll institutionalize anything and anyone until we've marginalized everthing and everyone...but with our dying breath preserve the institution and cronies. We breed students and people for CEO-like positions and celebrate and reward all who succeed by our definitions of success, not Christ’s."
Anonymous said…
I would like to see every pastor in prison, just visiting. And this goes for other Christians, especially our church leaders. We have several young people from our church in various prisons for many different reasons. All of these inmates have been abandoned by the church.
Anonymous said…
I don't think every Christian is called to go into the jails. That is like saying every Christian should go to Africa and be a missionary. If that is what God calls YOU to do don't put it on ME. He has other plans for me. We are the body of Christ and the foot doesn't do what the hand does. It is like people coming out of a sermon saying Boy I wish Jimmy had heard that sermon he really needed to hear it. God had you there for a reason. Our Pastor finished his sermon the other day and said he thought it had been meant for him. I believe that to be a humble heart.

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