They Left Sin Out

We've heard of "sin of omission" -- but the Oxford Junior Dictionary is guilty of the opposite: ommission of sin.


Keetha said…
What ever happened to the idea that a dictionary was a complete collection of words in usage in the English language?????? I wonder how they get the right to decide what is and what is not a word. Hmmmmmmmmm
Keetha said…
OK now, I just gotta tell ya - - - the more I "ruminate" on this, the angrier it is making me.

It isn't even the fact that these are church world words they have left out - - - - it makes me ask myself, "what OTHER words did they also omit?"

Seems to me that a dictionary should reflect and record word history and not attempt to alter, change, and especially not FORM it.

I think Daniel Webster is turning in his grave.

Anonymous said…
Why should this surprise any of us? Any book we read should be read with 'a grain of salt'.

Any book we read, including a dictionary or encyclopedia, is a collection of what the author feels is important. Any author puts forth the message he/she wants to get across.

When we read/hear an 'eye-witness' account by the news, it is a bias opinion.

For example when an American and Russian were in a two-man race. The American won the race. When it was reported by Americans, they said America won and Russia came in second. When it was reported by Russians, they said Russia came in second and America came in second to last.
Anonymous said…
Definition of Sin--something someone else does that others deem is wrong?

Sin was left out of this dictionary probably because the author feels like so many other people today. Sin is only something others do. When we do the wrong deed, we are only being human, or perhaps at most making a tiny mistake.
naomi said…
At the end of the article, a spokesperson explains that the dictionary was designed to reflect words that children commonly come across at home and school.

As a Sunday school teacher of seven year olds, I can tell you from experience that "sin" is not a word many of the kids have in their vocabulary. So could it be that even for "churched" kids, this isn't a word they commonly come across in church, either?
Something to think about.

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