ABC's of a Great Marriage

(My beautiful wife, Cathy, helped me put this list together.)

A - Accept your partner as he/she is - no strings attached.
B - Be attentive, thoughtful and considerate.
C - Commit yourself and your marriage to God.
D - Date each other regularly and often.
E - Endure the difficult times with a good spirit.
F - Forgive any grievances you may have against each other.
G - Give affection generously.
H - Have fun together. Make wonderful memories!
I - Involve your partner totally in your life. Don't shut him/her out.
J - Journey through life together, looking forward to what's around the bend.
K - Keep the lines of communication open. Always be honest.
L - Listen, really listen to your partner.
M - Make love often.
N - Never gripe about your mate to others.
O - Openly praise your mate.
P - Pray together. The couple that prays together, stays together.
Q - Quit doing stupid things that annoy your partner.
R - Remember to put the lid on the toothpaste tube.
S - Start something new. Don't let your love grow stale.
T - Take time to tune in to each other.
U - Understand that there is ebb and flow in every relationship.
V - V.I.P.! Treat your partner like the most important person in the world.
W - Write love notes.
X - 'Xpress affection and tenderness every day.
Y - Your spouse is God's gift to you. Be thankful!
Z - Zoom! Your marriage will zoom into high gear when you give it your best.


WPK said…
The Mission Statement for our Marriage

To do our very best to put God first always.
To be grateful everyday no matter what the day brings.
To believe that every joy we experience is truly a gift from Him.
To care for each other the way He cares for each of us.
To choose everyday to be one in marriage, to choose everyday to love each other.

Understand that "love" is a choice, not a feeling!(You must choose everyday to Love your mate)
Phil Winn said…
I used to drive by your church years ago when I was in the ophthalmic surgical supply business and had surgery at the Hayward hospital. In fact, one of the surgical techs, Lee, was a pastor's wife. Now I am outreach pastor at Living Word Christian Center in Brooklyn Park. BTW; Love your marriage blog. My wife and I teach marriage groups at our church. Check out my blog Reaching Out Loud
Anonymous said…
Take your marriage as a gift from God. HE did create the individual you have decided to spend your life with. Don't let others dictate what your marriage should be like. You marriage is between God, your spouse and you.

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