Blind Man Sermon

In John 9, we find the story of the man who was blind from birth.

1) The Neighbors saw him as a beggar
2) The Disciples saw him as a sinner
3) Jesus saw him as a man -- a person with potential.

The method of healing: mud on the eyes.

That hurt!! Have you ever had dirt or sand in your eyes?? Ouch!! Sometimes, when Jesus begins a healing process, it HURTS!

Jesus used dirt -- why?? Maybe. . .
1) Humans created from earth. A creative process.
2) Symbolizes the "earthly things" that blind us.
3) The beggar was treated like dirt. Maybe he thought of himself as dirt. And Jesus took dirt and made a miracle out of it.

Pool of Siloam was a Mikvah -- a place of ritual cleansing.
Jer. 17:13 -- The Lord is the hope ("MIKVAH") of Israel.
John 8 -- Springs of Living Water!

Jesus, Himself, is the cleansing place!

Two times you can't see:
1) When you're in the dark.
2) When something is in the way

The blind man saw Jesus -- via a process:

1) Saw him as a stranger -- "Who are you?"
2) Saw him as a helper -- "Help me Jesus!"
3) Saw him as a prophet -- "Jesus, show me the way.
4) Saw him as Lord -- "Jesus, I love and worship you."


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