Common Leadership Mistakes

Rick Warren made a list of seven common church leadeship mistakes to avoid:

1. You stop growing.
2. You stop caring.
3. You stop listening.
4. You get distracted.
5. You get complacent.
6. You become arrogant.
7. You fail to delegate.

(via Church Relevance)


Anonymous said…
Anonymous said…
When you do delegate a job, you should be willing to give up control of that job.
Keetha said…
Pastor Mark, we are looking at some of this as an LBA right now - - - I'd like to "pick" your brain a bit. Would you mind going to my profile page and sending me an e-mail to which I can reply? (I don't find e-mail on your profile)

Thanks - - - no need to take up your comment space here with the discussion.
Keetha said…
We interrupt these regularly scheduled comments for a public service announcement:

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Thanks Mark for letting me do a little advertising here.

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