Family Cruise

Last week, we celebrated Cathy's parents' (Phil and Madelyn Crail) 50th anniversay with a beautiful reception in Lakeland, Florida, and then a family cruise to the Bahamas. It was a wonderful experience!

I had written posts for the blog ahead of time, so Revitalize Your Church continued in my absence! I wasn't even able to check for over a week!!


Anonymous said…
That was really sneaky of you... thanks for not rubbing it in for those of us who were still stuck in winter! :) Glad you were all able to get away for some great R&R!
Dave Q said…
Looks like a great holiday. It must have been nice to have a break from the cold too!
boat jobs said…
The good thing also is that most cruise ships offers good discounts or special packages for families. Specially those huge in numbers. It is fun to spend some time cruising specially if your with your family. A lot of cruise ship are family oriented that is why it will surely be a great cruise for them.

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