Rural Exodus

That's really sad. I followed God's call to the rural northwoods of Wisconsin from urban southern California 18 years ago. It's been an amazing place to raise a family and serve a community.

It's rewarding -- but not as cushy as ministering in the suburbs.

I like what one rural pastor, Jeff, said in the comment section of the article:
"If your God is your belly, you won't make it!"


Dave Quinn said…
That is interesting Mark. We have one church in our town that is looking for a Pastor. One problem not many are being trained in this denomination and the other is they don't want to go country when they come out. This church is recruiting from overseas! As far as I can see it would be a good church to Pastor and is in a great community, but hey I live here already...having moved here 18 months ago.
Anonymous said…
Maybe if you're not willing to serve rural America, you're not willing to serve....
njc said…
Who needs cushy when you can have creation?! This is God's country! Those city folks don't know what they're missing.
Anonymous said…
"...I much prefer spending time with people who are more interested in living the way G-d wants them too, and less interested in whether or not others believe the same way they do...which seems to plague middle America's to do list."

I enjoyed the above part of one's comment on "Rural Exodus".

I too prefer spending time with people who are interested in living the way God wants them to instead of 'belly-aching' about how horrible their lives are.
Anonymous said…
I am truly thankful for those who are willing to serve where God calls them, be the job cushy or not.

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