What Worship Leaders Can Learn from Springsteen

Rob O'Connor ripped Springsteen's Super Bowl halftime show at List of the Day. In light of these observations, I'd like to suggest ten things worship leaders can learn for Springsteen's performance:
1. "Drop the Guacamole Dip": People resent being told they HAVE to do something musically (i.e. Everybody raise your hands! or Let's all clap together on this one!)
2. Don't Start with Something Stilted and Corny.
3. More isn't Necessarily Merrier.
4. This is Not a Place for Self Promotion
5. Gospel Choir: O'Connor was wrong on that one. Bring 'em on! They add exuberance!
6. "Fastball, not Speedball": Be Sure your References are Accurate
7. Boss Time: Beware of Cheesy Introductions.
8. Overcompensation: When you're trying to Make an Impression, That's Exactly the Impression You're going to Make.
9. Don't Stick Clarence on Cowbell: I'll leave the interpretation of that one up to you!
10. No Wardrobe Malfunctions: That's a GOOD Thing -- Despite O'Conner's Obvious Disappointment.


happy haywardite said…
We had something MUCH better than Springsteen on Sunday--Robyn and Sharon!

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