Bishop Earl Paulk

Bishop Earl Pauk, died yesterday in an Atlanta Hospital.

His congregation, Chapel Hill Harvester Church, was one of the first independent megachurches in America. It gained international acclaim through innovative use of drama, dance and liturgical arts, as well as cutting-edge social ministry.

This gifted leader, mingled with presidents (his church was designated as one of Bush's "Thousand Points of Light"), preached to thousands, influenced multitudes, and encouraged millions through his books and television ministry.

Yet, today, as his death is being reported -- the word used most often in connection with him is "scandal."

How sad.


Earl Pearly Paulk Jr. May 30,1927 – March 29, 2009

One of History’s great men of God has passed away; Bishop Earl Paulk went home to be with the Lord during the evening of March 29, 2009. Countless thousands and millions by extension throughout the earth have been touched by the positive message of the Gospel of the Kingdom. This powerful message for our times was also carried by many others who followed their own high calling but the Gospel of the Kingdom was delivered to the Christian mainstream by Bishop Paulk. Though this Biblical message of God’s rule in human hearts didn’t originate with him, his dynamic preaching and teaching brought relevancy and clarity to the Christian church in the late 20th century.

Doubtless a man after God’s own heart, it’s without question that Bishop Paulk struggled with areas of his humanity as do so many of us who must balance life in the flesh with our spiritual inner man, confined to this earthen realm. Personal failures among mankind notwithstanding, the callings of God are without repentance and God continues to use those faithful to the call that he places in their life, and such was God’s call on the life of our dear Bishop.

While unfortunate, it is also understandable that the human condition compels us to castigate in the light of impropriety’s discovery. Even so, the media outlets have announced Bishop’s passing, not with the recognition of his life’s work but rather the litany of accusation ascribed against him during his later years. The unbelieving world and those blinded to God’s goodness suffer greatly with the lack of understanding. As Christians, we however see and perceive the treasure of God’s deposit in the life of his called. As Jeremiah 15:19 tells us; If you can but extract the precious from the worthless then you will be my spokesman.

As Christians serving the same God as did Bishop Paulk, we are admonished to uphold those in authority, spiritual and otherwise and to recognize the ministry, not the man. To share in his vision, not his plight. To view the role of the man as representative of God’s kind intention to the world. The message of God’s Kingdom is the key – not the frailty or the weakness of its messengers. The message endures and continues to touch the four corners of a dying world after the transgressions of God’s servant is all but forgotten.

Many of you reading this tribute have been personally touched and perhaps even spiritually established through the life’s work and ministry of Bishop Earl Paulk. Regardless of personal life, he was the door through which many received God’s salvation. His was the vision that carried God’s Kingdom awareness to the world. It is therefore a credit to us individually and as a community of believers, united in God’s love to remember as 2 Corinthians 4:7 says: God’s precious deposit, or treasure lives in earthen vessels that the greatness may be of the power of God and that not of ourselves.

Spiritual History will be kind to God’s message of the kingdom. This message as delivered through Bishop Earl Paulk has been recorded in both books and sermons for the past several decades. Thanks largely to the visionary calling of Donnie & Gina Harris, the durable preservation of the Bishop’s body of work on the Kingdom will be established at even now as we celebrate the life, the ministry, and home going of Bishop Earl Paulk.

Jeff Nix 3/29/2009 – 678-776-8861
Anonymous said…
Actions speak louder than words. What is done in secret will be shouted from the housetops.
Anonymous said…
"Regardless of his personal life he was the door through which many received salvation." (from Jeff Nix's comments)

I agree with Anonymous....if many received salvation regardless of his personal life, perhaps it's also true that many did not, BECAUSE of his personal life.
Anonymous said…
ACTIONS speak louder than words. Too many of our church leaders feel they can do whatever, ask forgiveness, and proceed to continue with the same ungodly actions.

Spiritual leaders often let their positions go to their heads, while hosting a sinful selfish heart.
Anonymous said…
Too many times pastors and church leaders are put on a pedestal as if they are God, not by their own doings but by their parishioners and followers. Then when the parishioners and followers realize they are not God, they knock them off the pesdestal and trample them under foot. They display ungodly actions and a sinful, selfish heart. "Dear brothers, if a Christian is overtaken by some sin, you who are godly should gently and humbly help him back onto the right path, remembering that next time it might be one of you who is in the wrong." Galations 6:1. In any case, I'm glad I'm not the judge. I believe only God has the wisdom required for that title.
Anonymous said…
I followed him for years. I wondered why I did not see the services on TBN and so I looked him up on the internet. I must say i am absolutely shocked and completely upset. I loved this man, and loved to hear him preach. Another preacher who cannot keep his pecker in his pants.
Anonymous said…
Jeff, you need to tone down the hyperbole, this is not one of histories great men. This was a control freak, a wolf, a man who listened to nobody, who told others to submit to him, but submitted to nobody including the Lord himself. He was a predator of woman, a pathological manipulator, and of heinous character. You are greatly mistaken, did you mean St Francis or Oral Roberts, but not Earl the pearl talking Paulk!@ Get your bible out and start over! He destroyed family's and peoples lives like you cannot believe, you need to get things straight! This is not ovesights but none at all.
Anonymous said…
so everyone is without sin? Bet you can't find a stone to toss!!

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