Don't Let Me Go

A few days ago, while flying home from a speaking engagement, I pulled out a copy of Don't Let Me Go (by David Pierce) and began to read it.

It's a true "coming of age" story about a daddy and his 15 year old daughter, who find a special bond through climbing mountains and running marathons together.

I laughed so hard, I almost blew Diet Coke out my nose (The middle aged businessman sitting next to me gave a nervous glance sideways. )
Then, fifteen minutes later, I was wiping tears away (and My seat mate was CERTAIN he was next to a total basket case.)

Don't Let Me Go is an awesome read for guys like me -- who have teenagers at home. It inspired me to go out and do something crazy with my kids. I don't think I'll be climbing Mt. Ranier or running a Marathon -- but I've come up with my own list of adventures!

Thanks to David Pierce for inspiring my heart -- and helping me be more intentional with these last few years I have with my almost-grown children.


dwpierce said…
Hey Mark,
You made my day. Just a few hours ago my family and I went to the nearest Barnes & Noble and found the book on the shelf. A dream for me has come true. It's good to hear how much you love your children. I still talk to my daughter every day.
David W. Pierce

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