The Evangelical Demise

The Christian Science Monitor published a thought provoking article by Michael Spencer (aka Internet Monk) entitled: The Coming Evangelical Collapse.

We are on the verge – within 10 years – of a major collapse of evangelical Christianity. This breakdown will follow the deterioration of the mainline Protestant world and it will fundamentally alter the religious and cultural environment in the West.

Within two generations, evangelicalism will be a house deserted of half its occupants. (Between 25 and 35 percent of Americans today are Evangelicals.) In the "Protestant" 20th century, Evangelicals flourished. But they will soon be living in a very secular and religiously antagonistic 21st century.

This collapse will herald the arrival of an anti-Christian chapter of the post-Christian West. Intolerance of Christianity will rise to levels many of us have not believed possible in our lifetimes, and public policy will become hostile toward evangelical Christianity, seeing it as the opponent of the common good.

Millions of Evangelicals will quit. Thousands of ministries will end. Christian media will be reduced, if not eliminated. Many Christian schools will go into rapid decline. I'm convinced the grace and mission of God will reach to the ends of the earth. But the end of evangelicalism as we know it is close.

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Pastor Al said…
Pastor Mark...

Glad to see the nay sayers are still alive and well. Although there is much valid concern...that we honor God and serve (love) Him with all our heart, mind and strength, I have a proposition for you.

The writer of that article will long see his demise...and the Church will remain standing until Jesus comes. It makes good copy...but we are on the winning side. Amen

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