Prayer Request

Please join me in prayer on behalf of my young friend, John LaFontaine and his precious wife, Candice.

John is in his early 30's, and was recently diagnosed with an aggressive cancer (stage 4.) Candice is pregnant with twins.

John and Candice are beautiful people -- so full of faith and love. After committing their lives to Jesus, they have given themselves fully to serve God and others. Their ministry at the jail has produced much fruit.

Last summer, John created and organized an event called "Heartfest" which brought the churches of the reservation and the churches of the Hayward community together. It was a powerful and inspiring experience!

Many of us have been fasting and praying for John. We're going to break the fast with a chili fund raiser for the LaFontaine's this evening at the church.

John was released from the hospital just a day or so ago to home hospice care. He's suffering a lot -- but I heard this morning, that's he's planning on coming to the event.

What a trooper! What a good soldier for Jesus!


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